Mr. Vijay Bhatia

President, Bird Group

In the backdrop of the early 1970’s, a time when India was at the cusp of modernization and growth, Mr. Vijay Bhatia a young graduate from Ramjas College (Delhi University), decided to pursue his passion for travel which went on to become his chosen path for a very successful career spanning across decades. Born in Lahore, into a middle class family, rooted firmly in principles and strong values, he moved to Delhi together with his parents after they retired from Government service.

Mr. Vijay Bhatia, a man known for his gentle demeanour, delightful sense of humour and his ability to connect with people, started a small travel agency that provided personalised and well researched travel services mostly to local businessmen - the carpet sellers of Banaras, leather manufacturers of Kanpur, garment exporters of Delhi and handicraft makers of Moradabad. His knowledge, expertise, excellent service and business acumen resulted in the dynamic growth of his business in the travel industry. Being a perfectionist at heart, slow and steady was always his guiding principle. His penchant for extensive travel, reading books on myriad subjects and his being social and friendly endeared him to more and more people in the fraternity and family alike.

He was joined by his wife Radha Bhatia in 1973. Together they took their business to greater heights. Leveraging the wave of a rising new dawn in India, they envisioned a unique business strategy that supported the growth of the existing travel and aviation industry by bringing automation and travel technology to India. Amadeus India was thus founded which later continued to pioneer the Indian market for decades. Their exemplary vision was further carried forward by their sons, Dr. Ankur Bhatia and Gaurav Bhatia.

A man of myriad interests, Mr. Vijay Bhatia loves spending time amidst nature and travelling to destinations where he can enjoy tranquillity and nature’s untouched beauty. When not surrounded by the delightful presence of his four grandchildren, Mr Bhatia loves to listen to old Hindi classics, reminiscent of an unforgettable era which he cherishes deeply. Whenever time permits, he loves to warm up with a few strokes off his cricket bat.

Together with their younger son, Gaurav, Mr. & Mrs Bhatia continue to fuel the growth of the travel, aviation and hospitality industry in India, each complementing the strengths of the other to innovate, inspire and lead Bird Group to be one of the largest business conglomerates in the country. Driven by a deep sense of service, ethics and care towards the industry and society at large, the family continues to build a wonderful legacy.